Lead Generation

The world has changed. When people want something today, they don't turn to the phone book, or to a printed catalogue, they use Google. Effective lead generation is therefore conducted with the permission of the target customer.

For your business this could mean online advertising, Affiliate web sites, Permission based email marketing, SEO or Social Media. In each case the prospective customer expresses an interest in your product and asks you to contact them.

This is Inbound Marketing, and this is how our pay per lead, lead generation services work The days of the salesman refusing to take no for an answer are over.




Business Resources

Our Business Resources Unit, supports our customers through the provision of Free On-line Directories, Data for Direct Marketing, Email Data for campaigns, Bespoke Databases, Market Research and Marketing Intelligence.

Searching, Seek and Destroy. Are your customers where they should be? How is your market changing, who you should talk too, how you should approach them and when.

Our business resources can also be used at the earliest stages for University Spin outs. Know your market, know your customer. Make them an offer that they cant refuse.
















Marketing for Scientists, Marketing to Scientists and Marketing about Scientists
Genesis Scientific is a Marketing and Media agency that helps its clients through three strategic approaches. Media, Lead Generation and Business Resources.We love our Science and since 2009 we have been sharing the love by helping other companies communicate with Scientists and Medics through out the world.

Through our Media Strategic Unit, we help companies promote their commercial messages, via Online Publications, Social Media, Entertainment, and News Channels.

We know the Media,and we also know the risks of advertising in failing publications or tired web sites. Media should be interesting, it should be fun and it should be accessible. The correct use of PR and online / offline integration will deliver instant results for a fraction of the cost of more historic methods.

Let the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park read the B2B printed magazines because your customers are reading something else.


Marketing, Media and SEO for the Life, Physical and Medical Sciences